There are many couples in Australia, indeed the Western world, who have passed their half century, raised and released their brood into the world, and face a period of being alone together for the first time in many years. To add another problem to this, many of them have, through inactivity caused by work, disease or just plain exhaustion, run out of interest in sex. In some cases this is limited to one partner, causing problems for the other. The asexual partner feels guilty, or at least responsible for not providing what the marrige vows demand; the other partner feels bad about this, and has the added need for sexual relief, and they live together in mutual smouldering antagonism for the rest of their lives.

Unless, that is, they decide to upgrade their relationship to polyamory. The standard marriage is grossly restrictive, and takes no account of situations like the one just described, but polyamory, by ignoring sexual matters, and treating sexuality as "normal human activity" release the responsibility of the married couple from their sexuasl "duties" . Thus they can begin a new life together in polyamory, taking responsibility for themselves, sharing their love and renewing their own relationship.

Declaring polyamory as a senior works. It's not easy on the conscience, but it does work. I can vouch for that. Contact me if you'd like to talk about it. I'm John, by the way.