Why put people into strict boxes like 'straight', 'bi-', or 'homo-' when these are purely arbitary placing. A person can be attracted to the opposite gender today, the same gender tomorrow, and both on Wednesday.

Certainly there are marked differences in the way women think from the way men think, but sexual attraction does not take the gender of the attractive one into account at all. Many people will hotly deny this at first, saying that they are one or the other, but if you just sit back in the corner of your mind and scan the people who wander past your view, you must eventually admit to yourself that there are people of your gender and the opposite to whom you might, just maybe might, be sexually attracted to. Under the right circumstances.

It's one of those polyamorous things which make life so much fun.

I agree with this

I agree with this completely. It explains my sexuality perfectly. Up untill 2 years ago I had always pursued women and only had relationships and done sexual things with women. However I have always been attracted to some men and I have even had feelings for guys or couples on occasion. Once I opened my eyes to the possibility of being bisexual or polysexual I have found that gender doesnt mean as much to me as I thought before. It really depends on the person and how they are with you. I could go out to a club one night and not find anyone attractive, another night find a few girls attractive and another night a guy really hot etc. Now that I have let myself be bisexual and polysexual I have had a lot of fun with all genders and even types of people I wouldnt have imagined liking.