Hi very new to Polyamory. Not sure what I'm looking for but am curious. I'm 28, gay and live in Geelong. Moving to Melbourne soon to study. Not great at the whole profile thing. I'm nice, like my movies and work in retail. Any questions just ask.

I am interested in exploring polyamory but I am a single 56 year old female who lives in rural Victoria.

Not sure how you make contact with like minded people.





   I am very new to polyamory but am very interested to learn the way of life

I am very interested in feel true love and not limiting myself or partner in there path through life

I am a single straight 34 male lives in east maitland

I hope to move into newcastle in the near future

I am very understanding and willing to learn

thank you


   I am very new to polyamory but am very interested to learn the way of life

I am very interested in feel true love and not limiting myself or partner in there path through life

I am a single straight 34 male lives in east maitland

I hope to move into newcastle in the near future

I am very understanding and willing to learn

thank you

Hello everyone,

I'm a professional female (late 30's) in a functioning, long-term poly relationship.  I have been with my partner for 10+ years and he has been with his other partner for 9+ years (so he's the hinge of the V). We are childfree by choice.

It would be great to meet other professional, drama-free, inner-city dwelling poly people who either have been in successful long-term poly relationships, or are currently in one.  It's not the sort of thing I can talk about in the corporate environment in which I work and I do often feel quite isolated.  Hopefully I'm not the only person in this situation!

Look forward to hearing from you :)


Note:  I am not interested in hearing from couples in search of their 'third', a 'sister wife' or the mythical HBB unicorn!!

Hello how are you all today.. Just letting you know we are only new at this...

We are a 32 year old male and 26 year old female that has never done this and we are still working it out... but please don’t worry it’s want we want to do.

Myself has liked women for a long time and have been with a couple but 6 years ago I found the love of my life so I tried forget about any friendships with females but a couple of years ago I finely told my husband I would like another women in the marriage also and my husband is happy for me to for fill my dreams without leaving him

Then a couple of months ago we were talking about it and now my hubby would love a 2nd or 3rd wife to join us... and I am more than happy to take that path as long as I get my women (hahaha)

We are looking for a 2nd and hopeful a 3rd lady for me too.. 

we would love to have kids but i am unable as i have buggerd insides lol...

our idea was to find a female or family to join us to live a poly life style but i know childern are not everything but i would love to have that in my life... we would want to have a good ralanship with the family or family,s also we just dont want to do just for kids we would just love the living style.

even through i am unable to have childern i work like to take on the role as a second

We are looking for ladies who are interested in relocating to the farm we live on, in country NSW,

We love gardening, growing our own vegies.

I myself like to do knitting and crochet and love sewing

So ladies and even families if this sounds like you and you want to chat give me a tingly at handmade772@gmail.com


For anyone who is interested we took part in the SBS program 'Insight' on the subject of polygamy. It is due to go on air Tuesday May 29th 2012.

We were a bit sad to find that the only people involved in the discussion (besides us) were either culturally based or religiously based. It would have been good to have some other open 'poly' people involved and steer the discussion away from the conventional topics of how cultural and religious polygamy supress women (which I guess they can do).

The program won't be available until the date above but there is some info and a short promo on the website now at :



Polygamy ... I don't even think I like the word... or the connotations that are attached to it. It sounds dirty - it sounds like the women should be working the field and the men should be relaxing on the porch smoking their pipe. 

I'm not here to bear a ton of children to carry on my partner's genetic pool, nor am I here to serve him with my sister wives.

Reality and 2012 just isn't like that. 

We three live in a common house, but are like best friends, with benefits. Whilst some of these benefits are sexual, it certainly isn't just about that. There are many other benefits, such as financial, cooking, cleaning, minding the pets and bills are all shared. This makes life just so much easier!

Or does it? Well yes and no. There are of course some things that we all need to work on. Having to deal with two (or more) partners could be more challenging, especially all living together in the same house. Everyone has their own ideas and beliefs, and it's often hard enough to learn to compromise with one person, but compromising with two (or more) people sure takes a lot more communication. 

So I've lived like this for a while now, and I'm still learning things along the way. I guess mostly about myself, but also about communication, and living with more than one person in a meaningful way. 

There's still much to learn, and I'm sure there are other types of units that call themselves polyamorous. Some do it honestly, and other's don't. Some live in a monogomous unit with polyamorous external releationships, and I'm sure that I will agree with some and disagree with others, just as some may disagree with the way I live my life, but that's what makes the world go round!

So that's about me for now... I'll add stuff as I go.


Having a very high sex drive, it started as an affair with a collegue. We started making out anytime and anywhere..In the office, car outdoors..

My wife whom I told her latter was understanding and enjoyed my escapades, as erotic stories.

My lover however was confused and left as she was also married..

How do I keep going?

Looking at the blogs here I am glad to find people who are willing to explore and enjoy sex without getting jealous or possesive

Hi all,

We are a previously monogamous married couple that have decided to actively pursue a polygamous life.

After spending years establishing ourselves in a comfortable Australian suburban lifestyle, last year we decided to analyse and evaluate the direction of our lives.  In every area – relationships, health, finances and faith – we identified our shared ideals and agreed to strive to achieve whatever that was.

Perhaps surprisingly, polygamy and in particular opening our relationship to another woman was an idea that came to the forefront of our thinking. We are Christians, and our faith has lead us to believe that humans need to live in a community that supports and nurtures each other.  We want to live this ideal – and see a polygamous family as one natural outcome.

So we are seeking to develop friendships with females who are interested in exploring this ideal also. 

We are both aged 28, and have 4 wonderful children all under 8. We currently live in the NSW Southern Highlands – 1.5 hours SW of Sydney, but are not tied down here.  We want to live this lifestyle openly, which would be very difficult in the location we are in.

Living in an intentional community certainly appeals to us.  A place where we could be more self-sufficient without losing too many of the mod-cons of modern living would be great.

We strive to be as active, fit and healthy as possible.  Whether it be gardening in the backyard or camping in the bush we love to get outdoors and have fun as a family.

We would love to get to know more people involved in or considering long-term polyamorous relationships of any kind.  Our email is seekingasecond@gmail.com.

We also hope to attend one of the polyamory meet-ups in Sydney soon.