Mardi Gras 2011The Australian polyamorous community has entered the Sydney Mardi Gras parade first time under its own banner!

It was a complete community effort (replete with kinky fundraising) and we have made a splash!

I'm writing this blog entry as one of the many organisers to let everyone know what we have achieved and to celebrate the growth of our poly community. Sharing is believing ;)

This year’s theme was ’say something’ and we certainly did. First of all we publicly declared our existence. We had a huge ‘POLYAMORY’ banner in front so that revellers of all sorts would notice our identity.

The float’s theme was ‘Polyglamorous’ and we showed that we are a glamorous, cheeky, fun and outrageous lot. We had speech bubbles declaring ‘polyamorists out and proud’ and ‘my girlfriend’s boyfriend thinks you are hot’. We had an awesome sequined truck, up to a hundred gorgeously dressed human bonobos, music and choreography, twirlers and hoops and kinky shenanigans. It’s hard to get noticed in the parade, but I think we definitely showed the crowd that we can celebrate our rich connected lives in style.

Being in the middle of the float where I knew at least 70% of people I can attest to this: you’d have to be an  anthropologist to draw all the romantic connections between us all! We don’t just talk, we practice polyamory!

We had whole families marching. We had people from Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, and from regional and rural  towns in NSW and Victoria. Next year, when the poly community no doubt will do it all over again, we hope to have people from New Zealand, Perth and beyond.

Mardi Gras 2011

If you are in Europe, UK, Canada or the USA and you are poly, why not come to Sydney’s Mardi Gras next year? The festival is in late Feb and the parade is on the first Sat of March. Go on the PolyOz Yahoo list or poke around on this website (Mardi Gras section!) and we’ll probably be able to help you couch surf or find a temporary poly home for free.

On the float red and black were the favourite colours, there were many corsets and fetishy dresses, cross-dressing and nudity and bodypainting. All ages, shapes, sizes, orientations etc though the usual bi-poly-kinky triumvirate was in evidence.

There was also a very successful and playful afterparty that we’ll also have to repeat next year, and a pre-party picnic and pub night to welcome visitors. This week we are also having a discussion night with many guests who are staying in town.

Apparently we were also on cable TV and the cameras soaked up our message and glamorous presence. How awesome.

As the poly community in Sydney is growing we are putting on more and more events: bi-monthly discussion nights, monthly socials, dinner parties, camping… playparties, book club, game nights and film nights are also talked about. A poly tv segment will also air on the Australian free-to-air channel SBS in June 2011 as part of a series on love and relationships and community members have featured in articles and have been on radio. We are getting more visible and active.

It is absolutely amazing to be part of such a vibrant, caring, amazing community with so many amazing independent, talented, empathic, connected, pansexual human beings in it. Our float is going to be happening again in 2012!

I look out of my bedroom window down here in country Vic, past the olive trees and down the paddock where the young dairy goats are chomping away at the all too prevalent pasture - rain has kept everything green all summer - and in my little poly heart I know that the beautiful life I am constructing is a good choice. Good for me, good for my planet, good for my kids, good for those I connect with. I am in many ways content with my choice to step away - a little -  from the mainstream world and live simply, though country life can occasionally get me down. Chooks have to be fed hangover or no hangover, etc etc.

I've spent years being an open, politically active Bisexual-poly-BDSM-Pagan-man-slut. My keyboard has advised Queerdom, my bedroom door has revolved and revolved - and I'm tired. Not of sex, I love sex, do it with great skill, industrial stamina and considerable charm - but  tired of the short term "grab-all-you-can" physical intimacy without meaning that has been my past. I live best in community, not in isolation. At 41, admittedly a shockingly sexy 41, I think I am old enough to say yes or no to whatever I please, based on my experiences rather than fearful moral prejudice. What I am saying yes to these days, is intimate contact that moves in and out of the bedroom with fluidity and a joyful spirit.

I search for poly-pioneers. Yes there is a purpose to this post - I have this little acreage on the outskirts of Albury/Wodonga just a few hours from three capitals. I want to make a little eco-permaculture-community, have for years, as most of the polyfolk who know me from other online and offline places will be aware. On this property is a little old house, where I live and my teenage children live one week in two - and a caravan where my lover lives. We are both Bisexual and poly, but we've drifted apart a little due to many tough circumstances the world decided to fling at us over the last year or so. We will drift back together, though perhaps not with the intensity we had before.

I've owned the place for a decade, lived here on and off as I did and undid various work and community projects. My last "caretaker" virtually destroyed the house and trashed the gardens, and I have been rebuilding, slowly, ever since. The garden is a pretty spectacular permaculture setup - the house hasn't fallen down. I am back forever now, I believe.

The Household is poly-kink-alternative-eco-Queer-sex-art-positive. We host parties every now and again where anything can - and does - happen. 

So poly-pioneers - come. Hitch up your covered wagons and let's create. Or send me a message and we'll talk, that might work too.

Love and Light, Robin.



Well things have moved on somewhat since I last blogged and there are now three of us as happy as buttons... or peas in a pod... it's all very new and fresh but so so good. I feel nothing but joy as do we all.... yes Cloud Nine has 3 new residents.

It all came left of field and very unplanned as the best things often do but he we are right now..... wishing everyone else luck and love... so nice to be able to post happy things and not hoide.

Oh details... we are FFM ...and the other girl is jsut so lovely I am a bit smitten already! No jealousy jsut feeling like I have two best friends that I have intimate moments with....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Velvet xxxx



No matter your poly, no mater your other inclinations and pleasures, we all have the same purpose in mind. We all seek a world where we can express our desire/love/affection/commitment/all of the above for other people as we see fit, not as law or society dictates and without prejudice.

I know I am just a hairy old fool, but as such I should still be able make commitments, investments, jump of bridges and make mistakes as I see fit and live with the consequences without over protection from law or society.

I will never give up my love or abandon my commitments to my partners in any case so law and society be hanged.


Hi all, we're relatively new to the poly world, so are pleased there is such a site.  We're a 'mature' couple of 50 (M) and 54 (F - me).  However I like to think of us both as less defined by our chronological ages, and more by our sense of openness, curiosity, excitement and wonder at the possibilities of existence (in many ways we're both quite 'immature'! - we're a bit alternative, and M in particular presents as a bit 'out there' so we do tend to come across as younger than our ages suggest).  

We've been together for only a couple of years, each having struggled in our different ways with previous (monogamous) relationships.  We've each separately spent a lifetime contemplating how to achieve loving, intimate, honest, respectful relationships at the same time as remaining open to other possibilities, and at times experimenting with that. However neither of us has previously been with / encountered others with whom this seemed to work or even be a theoretical possibility. We both feel blessed to have stumbled upon each other at this point in our lives and are very interested in seeing where this exploration takes us. 

We're both intellectually very curious and spend huge amounts of time exploring ideas together - philosophical, psychological, sociological, relationships etc. We're also both very 'earthy' and creative and love creating and growing things together - our gardens in particular.  We relish our time together, but we also each need plenty of time and space to ourselves - hence we live separately in adjoining suburbs and come together when it's right for us both (which tends to be quite often :)). This seems to be a healthy thing for us as it keeps our connection vital and conscious rather than habitual or taken for granted.

So far, since we've been together, we've experienced some other intimate connections with others, both separately and together (I'm bi-sexual, M is predominantly straight) but none of these have turned into ongoing relationships. These experiences though have helped confirm for us that what we're looking for with others is meaningful, emotionally engaged, holistic relationships, that can be incorporated/included in our life together, rather than 'just' sex. 

So, that's where we're at right now. We'd love to meet other like minded souls (online or in person) to explore these ideas with and hear about others' experiences.  

Warm wishes to all on this exploratory path, and would love to hear back.

Jane and Mike

  My journey begins only about 6 years ago when my doughter an wife felt i should reach out an make new friends they started a account on there i was just an average troll iffa u like but one day i found a chat room called the basement in there i was treated differantly than in outher chat rooms so i started makeing enquiries about this BDSM D/s thingy and its during my  recerch that i noticed that  manny "lifestylers"  had this "polly" tag in there off on more  recerch i  went... an every thing i read about it sounded so good i never realised what a high emtional conmnection it could take one to.

  I knew i wanted in and with the wifes best wishes im tryin to be noticed it aint easey as you know im shure but the only Lifestylers i can find at the moment is online as i live so far from any thing like this . but ive managed to make manny new friends i even have a cyber colar to a  Polly Domme alas it is only cyber though i yearn to be offered a real one some day who knows where this road will lead me untill then i will enjoy my new found friends an try to learn as much as i can from outhers ....gaza


We are a Poly-curious twosome, he (49) / she (34) who are interested in
exploring other peoples experiences, feelings and thoughts about the Poly
relationships they have had or are having. We are both very interested in Poly
as a means of breaking down what we see as the outdated family and relationship
structures that currently exist and we would like to explore, both intimately
and mentally the possibilities that Poly Relationships might offer, especially
the replacement of fear, guilt and anxiety with unconditional love and the
freedom of joyfully intimate experiences.

Our relationship is quite unique. We both work from home and are somewhat
'creative souls'. Working from home means that we spend a lot of time together,
and we frequently talk about Life, Philosophy, Relationships the Environment and
much much more. But we are also each very individual and independent souls that
need our own space. We achieve this by having separate sleeping and living
areas, where we frequently sleep alone, coming together in a communal space
whenever we feel the need.

We are lovers but first and foremost we are great friends and companions with a
deep respect for each other. We both pursue Truth, Openness, Honesty and
Integrity vigorously, which is why Poly, to us, seems like the perfect way to
relate with other kindred souls.

Our first step will be a visit to the Bendigo Poly Group (hopefully in early
Feb) to meet and discuss, and then on to the Melbourne discussion group. Then
we'll sit down together and talk some more about taking the next big step!

We would love to hear from anyone who has any suggestions for newbies or their
thoughts on how they felt when they first started out on a Poly relationship.
(Especially twosomes who already had a very strong relationship). We look
forward to hearing from you all.


Andy & Kris


I am new to the concept of ployamory and over the past month I have become aware of women who are "open" to taking in a nude erection, oops I meant a new direction, in life ;)..   with me .. now .. in my life as I am becomming confident in my ability to be flirtatous and to give myself permission to be sexually adventurous and spontaneous, I too am open to new possibilities and sexual relationships.

My background is that in Nov 2009 my marriage of nearly 12 years broke down and in 2010 I have been able to restructure a new life and new lifestyle for myself which supports a mentality of sexual abundance and opportunity.

I look forward to being on contact with other members who have a similiar mentality and minset as friends, lovers, cuddle buddies etc :)

Sexual Pete

Hi my name is Catherine. I am a mother of 3 children under 5yrs old and I am recently divorced. My current lifestyle has made my social life a little difficult and having just come out of a marriage I am starting to think of relationships in a different way. I have tried one night stands, just dating and trying for a relationship. None of these work for me. I love intimacy, but I also love a little emotional attachment so I can enjoy it more. But I don't have the time or the real need for a full relationship. And the more I think about it perhaps this might be a change in my lifestyle that I may need, for now at least. I am here with respect. Blessings to all.


This is my first attempt at putting something up here so please be gentle with me.

I am married to a wonderful guy who allows me my freedom to see others as I have a high sex drive.

For the last 8 years, Ihave been seeing another male.

My question is does that make me Poly even though we can't all live together?

Thanks, Confused :S